Activity ball – Puffee – Blue


库存 1000 件

Let curious eyes and little fingers get to know the many sensory features of the blue Puffee activity ball. Hold on to the pufferfishsoft spikes and fins and hear the thrilling crinkle sounds. Let your baby feel the various textures and discover the colourful tags.

Theround shape of the activity ball is perfect for rolling. Give it a push and it will make a intriguing sound – encouraging little ones to crawl after it. The cute silicone teether shaped as Puffee’s tail fin has different textures to stimulate and soothe itchy gums.

The playful pufferfish in a soft colour mix of blue, powder and mustard has many features to stimulate your child fine and gross motorskills. With the elastic loop it is easy to attach the activity toy to a play mat, stroller or activity center using a toy link.



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